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October 30, 2018

Before ‘90s nostalgia is truly played out and we’re done obsessing over denim suits, colored lenses, and a Destiny’s Child reunion tour (fingers-crossed), I want to pay homage to one of the many unsung sheroes of the ‘90s: Matilda.

For many of us, Matilda was our first introduction to unapologetic self-care. She showed us how to conquer childhood, forget about unfulfilling relationships, get what we want, and trust our intuition.

More than ever, we need her expertise to get us through the rest of 2018. Matilda’s lessons go beyond the fantasy of the playground. She is wise enough to know that self-sufficiency is key and that being your own BFF is the best way to combat loneliness.

For many of us, Matilda was our first introduction to unapologetic self-care.

For a 6-year-old, Matilda holds all the keys to living your best life. She is led by her fearlessness, her intelligence, and her magic.

Here’s what I learned from the original self-care queen:

1. It’s Okay To Be Alone


During the course of the movie, Matilda’s family constantly neglects her. But instead of loathing and worrying about the people who don’t care about her, she puts her energy toward the things that she loves.

Exhibit A: When her father fails to support her love of reading, Matilda takes matters into her own hands and journeys to the library—every day.

Most of us don’t know how to cope with feelings of abandonment and neglect. But we can deal with those feelings by filling ourselves up with self-love and care.

Like Matilda, find your peace by actively doing the things that you love and not waiting for others to validate your time and existence.

2. Practice Fearlessness Daily


Much like gratitude, we must find the time to be fearless every day. From sneaking into The Trunchbull’s house to having the adoption papers ready when her family prepares to flee to Guam, Matilda is alway prepared to take a chance. Her character perfectly illustrates what self-love, patience, and determination can do for you.

We must find the time to be fearless every day.

By understanding your own worth and values, you’ll be that much more prepared to take advantage of big and small opportunities that allow you to live in your truth.

3. Practice Makes Practice


As Matilda realizes that she has the power to control her reality with her mind (that’s some serious manifesting), she starts perfecting her skills right away.

Some of us are so good at various things but instead of honing our skills, we shy away from ourselves and never reach our true potential.

Instead of giving up, what if we continued to practice? What if we fully invested ourselves in something we love? Yes, it’d be challenging, but we’d feel a little more fulfilled in our day-to-day.

4. Listen To Your Inner-Child


As a grown woman, Ms. Honey still carries the pain and fear of her childhood, which is something we all can probably relate to. As grown ups, we often ignore our call to adventure because it doesn’t seem responsible.

But what if we listened to our inner-Matilda?

She believes in herself despite everything that is happening around her, and she doesn’t let obstacles—like her wanna-be dictator principle Miss Trunchbull—stop her from claiming all of her victories.

We should all begin listening to the fearless child within ourselves, the one that’s asking us to tackle our fears head-on instead of avoiding them.

Matilda’s devotion to herself allows her to unearth, at a very young age, some of the best-kept self-care secrets—the power of perspective, feeding your curiosity, and nurturing the one relationship that matters: the one you have with yourself.

Matilda’s devotion to herself allows her to unearth, at a very young age, some of the best-kept self-care secrets.

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