Feel that breeze? The weather is cooling down, the sun is setting earlier, the scent of pumpkin spice lattes is lingering in the air.

All of this means one thing: Fall is finally upon us, and classrooms are starting to bustle once again.

If you’re one of the many headed back to school today as a student or teacher (or supporting one in your life!), then you know how important it can be to start this season with a healthy mindset.

School can be an opportunity for so much growth, but we get it—transitioning back to the classroom also comes with a side of stress.

We’ve gathered the best of Shine's self-care hacks to help you hustle through deadlines, projects, and more with a bit more ease.

Whether you’re struggling with stress, productivity, or motivation, store the following tips and tricks in your toolbox and use them to help you move through this season with confidence.


OHIO is more than just a state—it’s the productivity hack that might just change your life. This easy-to-remember trick helps you simplify your life.

OHIO stands for Only Handle It Once, and it's all about doing things ASAP with micro-focus. Challenge yourself to do a task immediately once you pick it up rather than juggle it for a few days (or weeks) on end. OHIO it!

Pair Your To-Do List With Music

Do you have a playlist that helps you focus, or one that amps you up before a big moment?

Turns out, there’s a science behind why certain tracks can help us get in the zone. Dive into the nitty gritty behind your playlists and make one that’s perfect for the type of tasks you’re diving into.

Spacewalk It Out

Since research shows that multitasking actually decreases our productivity by 40%, the way to combat that urge is to monotask.

We like to call this spacewalking your to-do list, or tethering yourself to one task at a time to get things done with all of your attention.

1-2-3 Strategy

When tough days sneak up on you, try TV producer Cassie St. Onge’s 1-2-3 strategy:

●︎ 1: Do something you have to do.

●︎ 2: Do something you want to do.

●︎ 3: Do something for somebody else.

It’s a sure way to boost your morale after a bad day.

Ask Yourself: What About This Is Important To Me?

Motivation is easy to lose when your days get busy and your to-do lists get long. That's when it's time to ask yourself: "What about this is important to me?"

Answering that question will help you tap back into your purpose and give you a bit more fuel when it comes to taking on tasks. Understanding your "why" can help you push through ruts, too.

Get to Know Your Imposter Voice

There are different types of imposter syndrome, and each one also comes with a tactic on how to combat it. Use these tricks to work through those thoughts that might creep up and leave you thinking I’m a fraud" or "It’s just luck!"

When In Doubt, Mantra It Out

Mantras might feel cheesy, but there’s a lot of power in repeating words of affirmation (in your head, out loud, or in a notebook).

Don’t know where to start? We got you:

●︎ Mantras for moments of stress

●︎ Mantras if you make mistakes

●︎ Mantras to help you break out of a comparison trap

●︎ Mantras to help you grow through failures

●︎ Mantras to help you prioritize yourself

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