TGIF from the Shine team!

This week we bookmarked quotes from our fav authors for when we’re having a bad day, cheered on the two African-American women pilots just made history, applauded IMDB for making it easier to find feminist films, loved the idea of a reverse alarm clock, and daydreamed about a spa weekend.

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Why Flexing Your Willpower Is V Important

Research shows people who see their willpower as unlimited are happier with life and are better able to cope when stuff gets more demanding.

(Note: if you’ve attempted to have the willpower not to cry during last week’s This is Us episode - we are with you).

Not Everyone Is Going to Like You and That’s OK

We want everyone to like us, but we shouldn’t.

Embrace your authentic self and remember channel your inner Chrissy Teigen when dealing with haters.

Be Bold.

Living a bold life can feel like a luxury held for pivotal moments. The truth is, we make statements every day and often dismiss our own everyday moments of courage.

“Boldness is a choice. It requires action and relies on a firm foundation of hope, truth, and faith.” Savannah C. Lee

This International Women’s Day, some of the bold women of the Shine Squad shared what it means to them to “Be Bold For Change.”

Don’t Feel Guilty About Those Unchecked To-Dos

Productivity guilt stresses us to do it all instead of what matters. Takeaway: catch up on Scandal this weekend, knowing that some healthy downtime is going to fuel you to bring it next week.

Ditch the Crystal Ball

New research shows that despite popular belief, we actually prefer to not know the details of our future.

Before you head into your weekend, highly recommend getting your giggle on over this viral BBC interview gone wrong.😎

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