Today, we are proud to announce that the Shine app has been acquired by Headspace Health.

When we started Shine 6 years ago, we were frustrated by the lack of representation and inclusion in the mental health category. Naomi and I didn’t often see our identities as women of color, our socioeconomic backgrounds or even our body types represented in mainstream wellness.

And there were so many others with that same experience. We quickly discovered: people who identified as Black, Native American, Hispanic, Asian and/or LGBTQIA+—we all had higher rates of anxiety and depression, and fewer options for inclusive care.

While that gap still persists today, so much has changed in 6 short years.

Shine has become a meaningful leader in the movement for inclusive mental health—receiving recognition from Apple as Best of 2018 and 2020, Google as Standout Wellbeing App, and the American Psychological Association for Best App for People of Color.

Through the Shine app, we created and scaled a new model for culturally competent care—Equitable Mental Healthcare, growing to 6M people in our community who largely identify as BIPOC and LGBTQIA+.

Most importantly, we felt Shine’s impact from that community first-hand, with 1 in 3 reviews calling Shine “life-changing”—with many members noting how much it meant to them to feel “seen” and “represented” in their mental health journey, often for the first time.

At the same time, Headspace evolved from a meditation company to a full-service mental health company through a merger with Ginger last year. And one of the top priorities of the combined organization, Headspace Health, has been to build the world’s most inclusive mental health and wellbeing brand.

We’ve watched them prioritize building a diverse workforce, invest in cultural competency and create content that supports underrepresented communities.

Headspace Health is now able to support people from all backgrounds—with care that spans the spectrum, from daily meditation and mindfulness to on-demand behavioral health coaching, therapy and psychiatry.

We know the fight for equity in mental health will take all of us.

We are so proud to join forces with Headspace Health to make that shared vision a reality.

This moment wouldn’t be possible without the incredible, talented Shine team, our dedicated investors, partners and advisors, and most importantly—our members.

Thank you for believing in Shine, for letting us be a part of your own journey, and for playing a pivotal role in the movement for inclusive mental health.

Our work is only getting started.


What’s the big news?

Headspace Health is acquiring the Shine App. As part of this transaction, the Shine team will join Headspace Health across product, engineering, customer success, and marketing roles to advance the company’s inclusive mental health strategy, content and experiences.

What does this announcement mean?

Our goal is for the mission of Shine to reach millions more people within the Headspace offering.

By joining forces with the Headspace Health team, we’ll bring our expertise in equitable mental healthcare, select Shine content, and parts of our product experience into the Headspace Health ecosystem. We believe this is the path to supporting even more members like you with daily, inclusive care.

Will I still have access to the Shine app?

Yes. However, as we work to integrate our offerings, the Shine App will eventually become part of Headspace Health.We will give you plenty of heads up before any major changes.

Will Shine members get to access the Headspace app?

Yes! We are planning to share a special offer for Headspace specifically for Shine members. More to come!

Will the co-founding team be joining Headspace Health?

Yes, Shine’s co-founding team, Marah, Naomi and Jonathan, will all be assuming leadership positions at Headspace Health and will be joined by the rest of the current Shine team.

How does Headspace Health support diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in mental health?

One of Headspace Health’s top strategic priorities is to build the world’s most inclusive mental health and wellbeing brand.

Chief Social Impact Officer & Diversity Officer, Dr. Wizdom Powell, leads Headspace Health’s continued efforts to further incorporate DEI&B, compassionate leadership, and mental health and wellness training into the fabric of the company and workplace culture at large. Dr. Powell is a licensed psychologist, tenured professor and nationally recognized expert on racial trauma, healing and health equity.

Headspace Health’s focus on DEIB is rooted in:

  • Building a diverse, global workforce that reflects the diversity of the people they serve and the world in which we live

  • Investing in cultural competency and training for care providers to support any member of any community

  • Creating content that supports the mental health and wellbeing needs of underrepresented communities, while reducing stigma and enhancing allyship

  • Fostering a place where everyone belongs - engaging in company wide conversations, learning from others, and celebrating diverse backgrounds and perspectives

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