While you tackled your big life in 2017, we worked hard at Shine to be right there with you, offering encouragement, tips, the perfect emoji 🙌 , and, hopefully, the support you need along the way. Throughout the year, we saw that some texts really hit home—they resonated across the community, and they're the ones that had people taking to Twitter with "I swear Shine is in my head" (we aren't, we promise).

Here, we rounded up the top 10 Shine Texts from 2017. These are the 10 texts that you, the Shine community, interacted with the most—that means you got that first morning message from Shine and you had to know more, so you clicked for more.

Take a stroll down Shine Text memory lane and revisit the top 10 below. They touch on topics ranging from time management to negative thinking to standing up for yourself.

Bookmark the tips and words of wisdom you want to carry into 2018, and, of course, stay tuned for more Shine Text goodness in 2018. (And if you're not signed up, we got you.)

10. Reminding you it's not always your fault


Nope—it's not always your fault. This text helped you get curious when you take things personally.

9. Reminding you emotional hangovers are real


This text was all about how emotions can leave us feeling drained—and how you can better handle your next emotional hangover.

8. Reminding you to protect your time


Your time = your most precious currency. This text helped you reclaim busy days.

7. Reminding you to challenge your insecurities


Our minds can feed our insecurities—unless we step in and intervene. This text showed you how to do just that.

6. Reminding you to get some distance


"Self-distancing" helps us deal with negative events and emotions. We helped you flex that skill in this text.

5. Reminding you to love yourself through your mistakes


Even when you mess up, you're still worthy of self-love. This text was all about staying confident in the face of disappointment.

4. Reminding you adult temper tantrums are human


This text helped you deal with "adult temper tantrums"—which are totally real.

3. Reminding you positive thinking can become a habit


Positive thinking isn't always our go-to. This text showed you how to make it a habit.

2. Reminding you to know your self-worth


Gabrielle Union served up some major wisdom in this Shine Text—she helped us all tap into a little more self-worth.

1. Reminding you to stand up for yourself


The top text of 2017 was all about standing firm in your beliefs and values. You don't have to accept things you're not OK with—and that's definitely a great message to carry into 2018.


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