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We’ve all had times where we hit creative blocks and need a little motivation. Comedian, actress, and vlogger Grace Helbig shared her 5 tips with Shine to help get your creative juices flowing.

1. Feed your brain!

Most times I find that when I feel most uninspired it's because I haven't been properly nourishing the largest muscle that contributes to my creativity: my mind. I haven't been allowing it to chow down on the movies, TV shows, music, comedy, travel, friends, etc. that it needs to understand original perspectives and draw new inspiration. So take a second and let your brain binge.

2. Agenda!

When I start to feel inspired my brain becomes a hurricane of half formed ideas and a hoarding ground of potential projects. To keep my creative flow going it's helpful for me to lay out an agenda, or some sort of organized list of priorities. It's entirely up to you on how you do this, there's no one way. I like to lay out every project idea I have in one long list and then go back and number how important each of them is to me in relation to the others. This helps me visually see which projects I should be spending more energy on and gives me some semblance of a time management plan.

Changing your environment's energy and adding new creative company can definitely help spark your ingenuity. Tweet

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3. Reward yourself!

This seems dumb, but I like to balance working hard with treating myself like a spoiled child. I think it's nice to create small goals or mile markers as you work that can allow you to pause and reward yourself for achieving. Rewards could be as small as pausing to watch an episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that you aren't caught up on yet, or as large as planning a happy hour date with friends at one of Lisa Vanderpump's restaurants. Treat yo self!

4. Teamwork!

If you're feeling creatively cock-blocked by yourself, try co-working with a friend. Changing your environment's energy and adding new creative company can definitely help spark your ingenuity. Just try to keep the primary focus on working before rewarding yourselves with double vodka sodas.

5. Sleep!

If nothing seems to be working and the creative frustration keeps mounting, take a nap! Lay down and give your brain a break. Some say no rest for the weary, but I say… more rest to think clearly. Also, clearly I should take a nap. That phrase was extremely below average.

And those are my five tips to help spark your creativity. If you ever can't remember one of these tips there's a helpful acronym built in: F.A.R.T.S. Feed your brain, Agenda, Reward yourself, Teamwork, Sleep. Just remember those FARTS and you'll dominate those creative arts. Yep, I really should take a nap.

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