We know by now that taking time to prioritize your mental and emotional health daily is important.

But a big barrier to entry: finding time and figuring out what to actually do.

Enter, BACE.

We learned about this amazing self-care tool from Jennifer Wong’s piece for ABC Life.

Think of BACE as your self-care checklist of sorts.

It’s a guide to help you navigate how you can treat yourself with kindness in a holistic way. Each letter stands for a different category you can address in your self-care routine:

●︎ Body

●︎ Achievement

●︎ Connection

●︎ Enjoyment

“A routine that has activities across all BACE categories is good for us, experts say, because it releases good chemicals in our brain which are key to staying mentally healthy,” Wong writes.

Whether you seek to take on all of BACE in a day or letter-by-letter over the course of a week is up to you. Here are some ways you can start building your BACE self-care routine.


When was the last time you checked in to see what your body needs?

"Body needs" can be anything from sleep to mindful movement, but whatever it may be, taking the time to address it can improve your mental health.

Use this step in BACE to find easy ways to prioritize movement, care, and rest.


What gives you a sense of accomplishment? That's what this step in BACE is all about—seting yourself up for a small wins.

Whether it's a hobby you love or something new you're hoping to try, making time to savor those moments can boost your day and self-esteem.


Connecting with yourself and others is a big part of self-care, but it can look different depending on your energy.

Find time to explore what connection means to you and make it a priority to put it into action. Even reflecting on it is an act of connecting with yourself!


Think: What makes you smile, or better yet, belly laugh? Now more than ever, it's important to prioritize moments of joy.

"Being able to adopt a positive perspective often leads to improvement in mental health," Krystal Lewis, Ph.D., tells Shine. "And gratitude has been linked to optimism and overall happiness, improved mood, and even stronger immune systems."

With that in mind, give yourself permission to make time for something that brings you joy.

BACE is pretty simple—but the biggest step is figuring out what it looks like for you and implementing it.

Spend some time working through each letter to find activities that will soothe and nurture you. Then, slowly start incorporating them into your routine in a way that feels doable.

Pretty soon: You'll be all about that BACE.

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