Shine wouldn’t be possible without our community—including members like you.

This week, we celebrated 5 years of Shine by sharing 5 lessons that we've learned as a co-founders and co-CEOs—but let's be honest: There are so many more valuable lessons than the 5 we dived into.

You have been right there along side us, growing and learning over the years. And in that time, you've taught us a lot—but you've also learned your own lessons, too.

To help us honor this huge milestone, we asked you to share the learnings you've gathered about yourself and your self-care journey with Shine over the last 5 years. We recieved so many vulnerable answers from all over the world, and each response moved us. Here are a few below from your fellow community members:

"I discovered Shine around the same time that I was graduating college and launching off into adulthood. I signed up for the daily Shine texts and I had no idea how much Shine would help me prioritize reflection and mental health during a huge transitional period. Since then, Shine has been the foundation of the rituals and routines I’ve built for myself throughout the past few years that help me meditate better, sleep better, and manage my anxiety disorder. As a black woman, it feels amazing to be a part of a community that routinely includes race in conversations around mental health. It’s so necessary, and I am so grateful that Shine exists and that I found it exactly when I needed it."

-— Rondene G., Arlington, VA

"I have been with Shine for over three (maybe even four??) years now, and I cannot imagine my life without it. It’s been more than a self-care tool for me. It’s part of my morning ritual, I constantly find guidance, advice, acceptance and love from the meditations, talks, and articles that I find here. Thank you for providing love and support for me and thousands of other people all these years."

-— Maita de Jesus, Makati, Philippines

"You have been my go to, my breath of fresh air, my rock keeping me grounded for some time now. You have helped me to grow and develop a personal daily practice. I am practicing self compassion on a more regular basis and giving myself grace when I don't quite get there. You somehow always know just what I need to hear when I need to hear it. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your program. It has made a difference to me."

-— Mary S., Ferndale, WA

"The Shine app has taught me that I do have the ability to challenge and stop my negative self talk and shame spiraling. I can regulate my emotions by changing my perspective. I've struggled with this for so long and I'm still learning but for the first time I'm feeling empowered and hopeful."

-— Victoria N., San Marcos CA

"It’s been a great support. Finding solid Therapy has been very difficult and inconsistent. Shine has provided a space for me to refocus, renew, and support myself as I heal and maintain. As an African American women no one wants to hear my issues and struggles. The Shine app provides a small community that is on a healing journey as well. It helps to not be alone."

-— JD, San Jose CA

"Shine is a special friend who always has my best interest at heart. Shine always lovingly reminds me of what matters most has been there to guide me to a better, easier life."

-— Desi A., Sacramento CA

"I have been using Shine for the past year, and it’s provided so much space for insight, calm, and peace. The inner exploration to find strength and resilience in the every day. For and by POC, I feel seen and heard by these voices."

-— Christina H., Los Angeles, CA

"It had taught me that I don't actually hate meditation. It had also taught me that meditation can be quick, science based, and very helpful."

-— DB, Montreal, Canada

"I’ve learned all about representation burnout and tokenism and how to be a better Ally. I’ve also learned how to be more gentle with myself. Shine is one of the only apps I spend money on and it’s so worth it!"

-— Michelle C., Minnetonka, MN

"I found Shine in the midst of a pandemic and a break-up. Shine grounded me with it simplicity and relevant self-love-messages. Shine became a safe place for expressing and filtering complicated life stories. I so appreciate personalized affirmations that somehow seemed to be “point” and just when I needed it most. Thank you Shine sisters for being brave."

-— Lisa S., Dallas TX

"Shine has helped me manage my work and life stress with simple and quick reminders. Honestly, don't know how I would have made it through the last 3 years without Shine."

-— Kelly R., Minneapolis, MN

"To make gratitude a habit, no matter how small. To be consistent with my self care. I've become more grounded and confident. I've learned to set boundaries and protect my peace. I've increased my joy and protected time to do things that I enjoy."

-— Tara W., Cortland, NY

"Shine has taught me that however bad things get there is always someone there to bail you out. When I first joined Shine my husband of 42 years had died and I didn’t know which way to turn. I didn’t want to do anything bu sleep. But, gradually I used some suggestions from Shine and my minister and got moving. It was a long time before I had what I called a normal day. I still rely on Shine for meditation and helpfulness."

-—Marion M., Schaumburg, IL

"I've had depression for years and while I've managed it well, the pandemic really took things out of my hands. Thanks to a friend, I learned about Shine. Since subscribing, I've learned techniques to manage being in stressful moments and to highlight all the gratitude I experience every day. It's helped me achieve as close to a balance as I've had in years. Doubly so because but speaks to me as a black woman. I feel seen and understood as well. Thank you so so much, Shine!"

-— Angie T., Washington D.C.

"Shine has taught me to look inside myself and being mindful of my mental health and guide me through my emotions and thoughts. It has really help me to get to know myself for the first Time in my life. Slowly I'm allowing myself to truly heal."

-—Veronica S., Niles, Michigan

"Shine has helped me to feel less alone in my daily struggles and more part of a community. It’s part of my daily self-help ritual. Even if I don’t get a chance to meditate, I still appreciate the morning and evening reminders that I receive. I also love the emails they send. Shine has helped me to appreciate the everyday joys in my life, and that in turn has helped me to manifest positive change. I’m more resilient, and I stay calm during times of stress. Shine really helped me to change my outlook on life."

-—— Mandie C., Chicago, IL

"Shine has taught me the value in personal time, gratefulness, and positive routine. My weeks are better when I am consistent with my Shine time, even more so when I dig deeper. When I skip, it shows until I get back on track. In a world that glorifies self sacrificing for a job and burn out, Shine brings me back to reality, to remember I am the center of my universe and everything else revolves around me, especially my job."

-— Alex F., New York, NY

"Shine has taught me the value of checking in with myself without judgment, viewing community care as self-care, and introduced me to breathwork. I now have a new level of peace and compassion in my life and I'd never have gotten here without my Daily Shine!"

-— Hilary K., Orlando FL

"It’s helped me reinforce the importance of checking in with myself. It’s also given me tools to help me start my days better which leads to better days overall. I’ve found I even deal with conflicts easier and am able to better identify what bothers me."

-— Angela S., Tampa, FL

"It has cleverly tuned into the issues that are impacting on me and given me strategies to consider in coping with the ups and downs of life at this time. I always learn something new."

-— Margaret H., Toowoomba Australia

"I have been using Shine for about two years now, and I used it every day to meditate and ground myself. It helps me to slow down, and recognize how I’m feeling and what my needs are. It’s also helped me get into meditation, mindfulness and breathwork. The Shine app, I feel, is worth my money because it is personalized to me, each day, and I feel like I am supporting a beautiful and worthy team that deserve it (so, so much!) thank you Shine!!"

-— Holly G., England

"I found Shine when I was in the middle of being diagnosed with generalized anxiety order and depression and it has been a truly life-changing app for me. Shine has helped me learn how to meditate, prioritize mental health, and cultivate gratitude in my daily life. Most importantly, the work I've done through the guided meditations has helped me learn how to be present in each moment and live more fully."

-—— Molly B., St. Louis, MO

"Shine has taught me about the importance of setting intentions and checking in with myself daily. I joined Shine during the pandemic and have since been using this as a regular self-care tool."

-—— Whit D., Chicago, IL

"Shine has taught me that I am not alone in my struggles. I am not alone in my journey. And I am not alone in my "JOY." Shine has taught me that I have a history and a culture of resilience. That I too, BELONG. That I am worthy of the space that I hold for me. Thank you to the entire Shine team.I am thrilled that I found you a few months ago. I had been looking for a place to "SHINE." I found it here!"

-— Michael W., Seattle, WA

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