In this tumultuous political and social climate we’re living in, where many of our beloved communities and identities are under attack, misrepresented, looked upon with hatred and shame, it can be extra difficult to access feelings of love, belonging, hope. We all know remaining optimistic is hard enough as it is. As we walk through our lives— complex, full of joys and obstacles, responsibilities and hardships—it’s important to take a step back every once and awhile to remind ourselves of our worth, power, and brilliance.

To our patchwork country of Muslim people, immigrants, black and brown folk, all people of color, disabled people, trans and queer folk, femmes and women, however deep your depths, however large your fears—you are loved. However solitary life can feel, you are not alone.

Here are some tips on staying on the self-love wavelength through trying times:

1. Remind yourself you are a treasure, marked by great gifts the world wants you to share.

Find the place in your heart where your passions lie and give your strength to them, make them real.

2. Embrace solitude, use it to accomplish the goals of your body and soul: feed you.

Eat your favorite, heart-fulfilling snacks. Appreciate your body when you walk around the park. Get rest and relax. Write yourself a love letter in your journal. Make a list of things other people are grateful for about you.

3. When being alone is too much, reach out.

Call a friend. Confide in a family member. Ask for support. If you’re up to it, put yourself out there in a new social setting. Sometimes it’s as easy as saying hello to a stranger at an event.

4. Tell your stories.

Sing your truths out loud and own them. Every moment you’ve been here is relevant and full of meaning. You have the power to connect and relate across experiences in a way that builds rather than separates.

No matter what you do, don’t forget to love yourself, in all your complex, beautiful glory. What that looks like is different for everyone, and yet one of the most important lessons we must learn while we’re here on this strange, wild planet.

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