Whether you're getting a head start for the holidays or just wanting to treat yourself better, I’m here to give you one less thing to worry about with our annual self-care gift guide.

From anxiety alleviating stocking stuffers, to gifts for the friend who struggles with getting a good night’s sleep—this list has you covered. You may even see a thing or two worth snagging for yourself.

Books to Inspire the Person Newly Embarking On Their Self-Care Journey

1. You Be You: Detox Your Life, Crush Your Limitations, and Own Your Awesome, $16.50

you be you

To make this journey of self-love a little less daunting, author Drew Canole takes readers on a three-part journey to detox from external expectations, embrace your darkness and reclaim your light, and recognize your limitless potential.

2. You Are A Badass Every Day, $13.52


This pocket-sized companion comes as a follow-up to New York Times bestselling author Jen Sincero’s “You Are a Badass.” Included are one hundred daily exercises, reflections, and cues to help set your intention and stay motivated every day.

3. Almost Everything: Notes on Hope, $12.16


Author Anne Lamott pens an insightful narrative on how to bring hope back into our lives. With a humorous and often candid approach, she calls for each of us to unearth the pieces of hope and wisdom nestled within us to help enhance our day-to-day lives.

4. A Year of Positive Thinking, $15.60


Help your friend or loved one kickstart the new year with daily inspirations, exercises, mantras, and reflections that help shift one’s mindset and promote positivity in our lives.

Gifts that Keep On Giving

5. Goodbeing Self-Care Subscription Box, $24.95


Goodbeing presents the ultimate all-in-one self-care box, including an array of healthy beauty products, non-toxic cosmetics, natural wellness products, and sustainable living goods.

6. The Sill Plants for Beginners Monthly Subscription, $35


Research shows that houseplants increase general wellbeing and happiness. How about gifting your friend or loved one who’s still settling into their new place with this subscription from The Sill. Since these are beginner-friendly plants, taking care of them will be stress free.

7. Shine Premium Gift Card, $54


Not sure if you heard, but Shine was named one of 2018’s best apps by Apple! Using Shine’s new gift cards, why not gift a subscription to your friend or loved one so they can enjoy all the benefits of daily Shine Texts and audio challenges?

Gifts That Make Falling Asleep a Little Bit Easier

8. Nodpod Weighted Sleep Therapy Eye Mask, $29.99


Gentle pressure applied to the body provides a deep calming effect, mirroring that of a hug, which is why weighted blankets are having a moment this holiday. Since those can be a bit pricey, opt for this weighted eye mask as a stocking stuffer instead. With soothing microbeads, and pull-through slits instead of straps, the Nodpod delivers the comfort needed to deep dive into a peaceful night’s sleep.

9. This Works Sleep Kit, $20


Utilizing lavender, vetivert, and chamomile essential oils, this trio helps its users unwind the body and mind to fall asleep more quickly and more deeply. The kit includes a Sleep Power Nap Spray and a Sleep Power Recharge Mask to help with relaxation.

10. Sharper Image Sound Machine, $22.00


Enhance the sleep therapy game further with restful sound recordings on this omni-directional digital speaker by Sharper Image. This speaker features 12 different sounds including ocean, surf, serenity, white noise, rain, meditate, focus, and more.

The Meditator’s Must-Haves

11. The Ohm Store The Truth OM and Journal Set, $47


Singing bowls are used to produce sounds that increase levels of relaxation and help one more easily enter into a meditative state. This set provides an at-home sound bath experience as well as a corresponding journal to document your thoughts, prayers, and mantras.

12. Trevida Organic Zafu Buckwheat Meditation Cushion, $16


Help your loved one focus on staying, well, focused instead of worrying about any discomfort as they meditate using this cushion. The natural buckwheat hulls adapt to the body to provide better support for your lower back and spine.

13. Shop Baus Floral Sage Smudge Bundle, $14


For the friend who’s all about “good vibes,” help them clear out any negative energy before ringing in the new year with this eye-catching floral sage bundle from Shop Baus.

Thoughtful Everyday Essentials

14. Coffee / Tea Mug Warmer, $14.99


Help your friend or loved one savor every drop of coffee, tea, or any warm beverage with this portable mug warmer that they can keep right at their desk.

15. Tea Drops Gift Set, $34


For the friend who’s not a big coffee drinker and always on the go, Tea Drops are the answer. These innovative organic pressed drops dissolve in your cup, providing all the benefits of loose-leaf tea without the fuss.

16. Signet Sealed Good News Calendar, $28


This calendar serves as a fun and cheerful reminder of all the good each day brings. It highlights uplifting and exciting stories of things that happened in 2018, beloved birthdays of public figures like Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres, lighthearted national days like Mac 'n' Cheese day, as well as historic events such as the first woman on the moon.

17. Bkr Fifth Ave Glass Water Bottle, $48


Staying hydrated is key, so why not do so in style. This reusable water bottle is perfect for the co-worker who’s constantly back and forth from the water cooler.

Feel Good Gifts to Reduce Stress

18. Good Days Start With Gratitude Journal, $5.82


Take the act of practicing gratitude up a notch with this guided journal that includes inspirational quotes, space to write 3 things you are thankful for, as well as a weekly checkpoint.

19. Sunday Scaries Vegan AF Gummies for Anxiety, $39


The science on CBD is still TBD, but CBD-based products are this season’s ultimate self-care must-have when it comes to relieving stress and pain. As the website suggests “take 1-3 gummies, a couple of deep breaths and within 20-30 minutes you’ll already start to feel the effects of our scientifically formulated anxiety-relief, CBD blend.” Sunday Scaries pairs it’s full-spectrum CBD with B12 and Vitamin D3 to provide a non-habit-forming Vegan-friendly option to keep you relaxed and focused. Another plus: These can be delivered in all 50 states.

20. Mindfulness Cards, $15.81


Categorized by Rest & Balance, Insight & Awareness, Curiosity & Joy, and Kindness, each card in this deck features an inspiring quote and exercise to promote self-awareness, joy, and calm.

21. Owl Adult Coloring Book, $6.13


Sometimes, we need a moment of mind-less-ness. Gift this beautiful coloring book of quirky owls to help your friend or loved one escape for a moment as they relax in a fun and therapeutic way.

Gifts That Make Moments at Home More Luxurious

22. Wahl Hot-Cold Therapy Massager, $24.39

hot-cold -therapy-massager

We all can’t book a weekly spa appointment, so why not treat your friend or loved one who’s in need of a little TLC with this handheld massager? It gives the option of cold massage therapy to help with any swelling and inflammation, or with heat to loosen those stiff muscles.

23. Eberjey Scout Wide-Knit Slipper Socks, $38


These ultra-soft knit slipper socks are sure to make travel from bedroom to bathroom at 3 a.m. much more enjoyable.

24. Threshold Terry Spa Robe, $27.99


This cozy terry cloth robe will be a hit with the person in your life who takes their Sunday self-care ritual very seriously.

25. Smoko UO Exclusive Unicorn USB Heat-Up Slipper, $35


These fleece slippers are not only extremely cute but work overtime when it comes to keeping you cozy. Plug them into a USB port to heat, detach, and enjoy your night at home.

26. Uncommon Goods Intention Stone Wine Stoppers, $30


“A reminder of all that's beautiful in the world, from kindness to Chianti,” according to Uncommon Goods. Not only do these wine stoppers look fabulous, but they also are handcrafted with stones that promote intentions such as love, peace, calm, strength, energy, and more.

Stocking Stuffers for the Beauty Lover

27. Palermo Body Soothing Milk Bath, $32


With the temperature steadily decreasing, now’s the time to focus on replenishing the skin’s moisture as the cold air easily dries it out. Share the gift of moisture and comfort this season with a bath incorporating coconut milk, honeysuckle, chamomile, and healing herbal extracts.

28. Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller, $22.99


For the friend who’s always hip to the latest beauty-craze, gift this crystal facial roller. Not only does it help apply products more smoothly, it also alleviates stress and tension. Using the crystal’s healing properties, this roller gives a relaxing facial massage revealing the skin's natural glow.

29. Shea Moisture Multi-Masking Kit, $9.99


This multi-masking kit works for all skin types to help purify, hydrate, and restore radiance to the skin. They can be used separately or mixed and matched for more targeted treatment.

30. Pinrose Intention Scenting Gift Set, $50


This interactive gift set comes with intention cards that are each paired with a specific scent. Each day you can select one at random, read about your chosen intention, and swipe on the specific scent that represents it. Each time you get a whiff you’ll be reminded of your intention for the day.

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