Getting gifts for moms might be one of the most daunting tasks: What do you get for someone that plays a very distinct role in your life or in the life of a little one you love?

The good news is, like we’ve mentioned in other gift guides, the intention of a gift often trumps the physical item itself.

But if you can’t think of what that item might be, don’t worry—here are a few ideas of what we at Shine HQ deem gifts worthy for any mom.

1. Make Your Own Beeswax Candle Kit


We’re big fans of candles here at Shine, but there’s nothing more satisfying than making your own. For that person who loves crafts and taking things into their own hands.

2. Himalayan Glow Natural White Salt


A lamp that gently emits a glow? Nothing beats that. For the person who loves things that shine (and reading under a gentle glow).

3. Jiggy Puzzles

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Puzzles can be an amazing mindful activity—but when you’re done with them, they usually go right back into the box. Not with these, though! These gorgeous illustrations can be framed as soon as you’re done, making this a gift that doesn’t stop giving.

4. Organic Bath Bombs


A gift that will help someone embrace self-love and relaxation is a gift you can’t go wrong with. These organic bath bombs are vegan, too—perfect for those with sensitive skin.

5. Reusable Grocery Bags


For the person in your life who is aiming for a zero-waste lifestyle, these reusable grocery bags are a thoughtful gift (and cute, too!). If you’re looking for more, try building a whole kit to kickstart that no-plastic life!

6. Gem bookends


These gems brighten up your bookshelf and double as a beautiful art piece in any home!

7. Jewelry Tray


Everyone needs a cute tray—and what’s special about this is that it’s multiple trays in one. Let that jewelry rest in style.

8. Record Player


If you’re rocking without a budget, this record player might be the perfect gift for someone that loves music and sharing their favorite songs.

9. ‘You Are Enough’ mirror


For that person in your life that loves little reminders of their worth. 💛

10. Essential Oil Diffuser


The gift of aromatherapy is sure to be a gift that keeps on giving.

11. Felt Letter Board


For the mom who loves leaving wise messages around the home.

12. Sleep Mask


There's no better gift than a good night's sleep. Plus, these come with headphones for even more luxurious dreams. (P.S. These go great with Shine's Nightcaps!)

13. Jade Roller


For the mom that loves to treat herself and practice a mindful beauty routine.

14. A Donation to a Charity of Their Choice

For the mom who loves to give back and has instilled the power of giving in you, too.

15.Succulent Plant Pots


For the mom who has a green thumb (or one that wants to have a green thumb…since succulents are almost impossible to kill).

16. Meditation Cushion


While any pillow might do just fine, this might be the perfect gift for someone dedicated to a meditation practice.

17. Picnic Basket


An incredible insulated picnic basket that will come in handy for adventures.

18. A Kindle

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For the mom who loves to read, whenever and wherever.

19. A Pair of Unique Earrings


For the mom who can rock a bold earring and loves experimenting with style.

20. Cute Enamel Pins


For the mom who loves a jacket/canvas bag/anything with a bit of pizzaz, courtesy of pins.

21. Letter Necklace


For the mom who loves to make a statement with jewlery.

22. A Relaxing Massage

For the mom who needs the nudge to practice self-care and take a mental health day for herself. Treat her to a gift certificate at a local spa!

23. Belt Bags


For the mom who loves to keep things close but easily accessible, these bags are so helpful. Take it from this review: "It’s fully functional and looks so good on!"

24. A Weighted Blanket


Everyone deserves to feel cozy and secure, and there’s nothing like a weighted blanket to help someone you love to feel just that.

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