With the hustle and bustle of life it’s easy to push aside the true importance of a morning routine. Even though waiting until the last second to crawl out of bed and rushing out of the apartment with spilling coffee in one hand while emailing with the other is of the norm it’s not a beneficial way to start the day.

The basic fundamental is this; you have to set yourself up for success if you are serious about achieving your goals. Taking care of yourself mentally is just as important as taking care of yourself physically. If it isn’t already, it should be a priority to start off your day on the best foot possible.

Here are 10 simple adjustments to make to your morning routine that will have a huge impact on your day:

Go to sleep at the same time each night.

Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule is the first step in waking up ready to kick ass. I know that it's one of things that is easier said then done, especially when you get sucked into Stranger Things, but getting your body on a sleep schedule is like winning a gold medal. Give your brain the suggested seven to eight hours of sleep to decompress so when you rise you are ready to grind.

Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier.

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Giving yourself the coveted extra 15 minutes in the morning will make you feel like a whole new person. Instead of hitting your alarm and rushing to get out of bed and speed out of the house like a mad person soak up the time to stretch and mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Ditch the phone.

I recently set a new rule for myself: I will not check emails + social media until my feet hit the floor in the morning and from my personal experience I can tell you it absolutely changes how I start off my day. I used to lay in bed and before my eye balls were even fully opened I would be multi tasking between double taping a Insta post I missed while dreaming and reading emails that make me want to throw my phone across the room.

So, before I even got up to brush my teeth the mood of my day would already be set because of someone else. No ma’am, no more of that! Your morning should be reserved just for you.

"Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose."

Do yourself a favor and before you go to sleep turn off the notifications on your phone so when you wake up and roll over to turn off your alarm you aren’t bombarded by technology before you even realize it’s time to wake up!

Go all high school on yourself and make your bed.

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Turns out your mom had a reason behind nagging you every single morning before school. Making your bed helps you get started on a productive path before you even walk out the front door. Starting your day off on the right foot, with a made bed, will put you in gear to check off your to-do list.

Use a mantra or QOTD.

Reading a motivational quote (oh hey Shine) every morning can provide a solid framework for the day ahead. Soaking in positive words will motivate you to stay in the right direction and not get detoured by negative thinking.

Hydrate to motivate.

I know that drinking coffee is what all the cool kids do but I have news for you, there is something else you should be drinking in the morning. Do yourself a favor and swap out coffee for lemon water.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 8.41.09 AM

Lukewarm water with fresh squeezed lemon juice has numerous benefits; starts your metabolism, cleanses your mouth and throat and also gives you that extra kick of energy that you may need in the AM. If you’re looking for a dash of daily detox, add a tiny amount of cayenne pepper to the water.

Give yourself a pep talk.

Sometimes you just have to look yourself in the mirror and give yourself the pep talk,”Hello beautiful. You’re a bad ass babe, you got this. Love you.” I’m not even trying to be funny, you gotta do what you gotta do! The world can be a big bad scary place sometimes so reminding yourself that you got your back isn’t the worst idea.

Sweat it out.

There is no denying that starting off your day with a killer workout helps set the mood for the day.

If you are one of those people (guilty) that can get up and check a workout off the list before the sun rises then all the more power to you. If you prefer to work out after work, no judgements ;) either way, getting a little movement in before breakfast is always a good idea.

Suggestions? A two-minute plank or 20 jumping jacks; whatever gets your blood moving.

Spread the love.

Whether you’re kissing your dog, roommate, boyfriend or calling your mom,spreading love provides you with a positive start and keeps you focused on what’s really important, even through the stressful days.

love dog

Set an intention for the day.

You don’t want to do all the above just to walk out the door unsure about your next move. What is top priority? What will make you feel most accomplished by the time you lay your head back down on your pillow? What is the one thing you should do today that will get you one step closer to your goal? Whatever those answers are, make it happen. No excuses.

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