Why Trying To Conform To Someone's Story Is A Bad Idea originally appeared on The Leading

"Every once in a while we all get amazed and fascinated by the incredible and unusual stories of success."

They attract our attention because their heroes often think and act out of the box. They break the old-fashioned, well-established standards and ways of living. They do weird things and win.

Every time we read another biography of a successful person, we subconsciously look for some outstanding facts that have taken place along the road toward massive results.

Dropping out of college, starting a business in a garage, going to India in search of life-changing spiritual experience have gradually become the things that some people mistakenly associate with the strong prerequisites for success.

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Embrace the truth. What once worked out for someone is not likely to work out for you as well. And the reason for that is those crazy things were not the prerequisites for massive wins. They were just a trivial part of those stories. More than likely, those people could have easily achieved their ambitions without these events.

Steve Jobs did not found Apple because of his journey to India.

Bill Gates is not the richest man on the earth because of his decision to drop out of the university.

Jeff Bezos is not the CEO of one of the most successful electronic commerce companies because of the fact that he set up Amazon in his garage.

Those things are not the factors of success. They are not even close to being critical elements in those narratives.

Some successful people did irregular things only because that time the situation demanded those steps. Probably, they had a feeling that it was the only right decision that time. Perhaps, they did not even have an option…

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Nevertheless, if you still believe, that you can apply some things from those stories to your life, you set yourself up for failure. If you try to fit someone's narrative, you will end up being disappointed, frustrated and depressed. The reason for that is simple: it is not your story.

The idea to conform someone's biography is going to be neither good nor beneficial. The belief that you can fit the story will never lead you to the desired destination. It will only hold you back.

Do not try to fit narratives. Tweet

Do not try to fit narratives.

That recipe of success is not going to meet your expectations. It is not going to work out for you. Because it is individual. It is a fact from someone's biography that has nothing to do with anyone else.

We all love those narratives. However, the bad news is that you cannot fit them. The good news is that you do not need to.

You have to find your own path and design you own story that is going to work only for you. And be sure it will be unique too. No matter how many weird things you do, the only thing you should care about is how fast you approach your goals.

You need to acknowledge that you can achieve anything you want without dropping out of college, traveling to exotic countries or launching your first business in a garage.

Become the composer of your life. Tweet

Become the composer of your life. Write your own story of success and design your own biography that will amaze the masses. But never try to fit someone else's narrative. It is not going to make you happy.

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