Let’s be real—”Sunday Scaries” aren’t just reserved for Sundays.

Sometimes those nerves creep into my Monday (or Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on).

Those feelings of unease and anxiety can sneak up on me week after week, and they all tend to stem from the same thing: Feeling overwhelmed with everything that I have to do.

To curb the feeling in the past, I’ve tried crafting meticulous to-do lists or finding ways to get ahead of the week.

But those tactics tend to leave me on the path towards burnout before the week even truly begins.

When I try to plot out my week, more often than not, things come up that thwart my perfectly penned planner. Whether I sleep in, an event pops up, or I’m busy making that meal—things tend to get in the way of plans.

In an effort to curb those feelings and think from a bigger picture standpoint, I’ve started to practice what it might be like to set an intention or mantra for the week—something that gives me joy and that I can focus on when things maybe get hard come Wednesday.

It’s an easy way to set the tone for your week, too. Plus, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

A phrase I'm leaning into right now to curb anxious thoughts about the week is “do the next right thing.”

Yup, it comes courtesy of Kristen Bell and her song from Frozen 2—but it’s also a phrase that gives me the perfect mantra and intention as I make my way through uncharted waters.

Do the Next Right Thing

Anytime I’m faced with a tough feeling, situation, roadblock, or brain freeze, I now whip out this mantra and apply it to my feelings or actions.

It helps me focus not on all the things I have to do but simply the next thing I have to do. And it helps me make choices that are best for me in each moment.

The mantra helps me focus not on all the things I have to do but simply the next thing I have to do.

Plus, with that mantra in my back pocket, I’m able to reframe my actions and focus on moves that will help me grow, not lead me down a worry spiral.

If I have time, I like to reflect on the mantra in my journal or when I check-in on the Shine app.

It guides me through those micro-decisions I have to make every day (Netflix break or keep sending work emails?) and the bigger obstacles I'm facing, too.

Own Your Next Right Thing

Since adopting this mantra, I've learned it's important to prioritize what the "next right thing" is for me, not answer that mantra with someone else in mind.

To avoid shifting my boundaries and to actually be honest with myself, I sometimes add “do the next right thing for me” to my mantra. That helps me navigate situations where the “right” thing might make me feel guilty or stressed because of my instinct to people please.

Because what’s “right” is so subjective, make sure you're using the mantra to acknowledge your needs and capacity over everything.

Use it to help fuel self-care and your hustle, and as a reminder to shake any Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday Scaries.

Trust yourself to do the right thing—and focus on the next right thing to make your day a little more manageable.

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