In honor of International Women’s Day, we asked women in the Shine Squad to share what it means to them to #BeBoldForChange.

“Being bold is standing up for what I believe in while keeping an open mind to continue to learn about the things I may not know.”
- Ananya Mahajan

Be Bold: Anaya

“Being bold is having uncomfortable conversations and raising daughters who question the status quo.”
- Erin Tarr

Be Bold: Erin

“Being bold is stepping forward and speaking up when others face injustice.”
- Valerie Noseck Papachristos

Be Bold: Valerie

“Being bold is having the strength to stand out in an uncomfortable way.”
- Laine Mello

Be Bold: Laine

“Being bold is speaking up and not being a follower. Ignite the change you want to see.”
- Yesi Gtz

Be Bold: Yesi

“Boldness is a choice. It requires action and relies on a firm foundation of hope, truth, and faith.”
- Savannah C. Lee

Be Bold: Savannah_updated

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