TGIF from the Shine team!

This week at Shine we were inspired by Mahershala Ali and Viola Davis’ Oscar wins, LOLed over this (oldie but goodie) Twitter bot, reminded each other not to fall into the Perfectionist Trap, thought about how we would spend $1,700 to have the best day ever, and applauded Nike for rolling out plus-sized fitness wear.

Here’s what we shared this week’s Shine texts:

4 Things Hopeful People Do Better: Ask "what could go right?"How to be a voice, not an echo.

Why you need to stop stressing about being perfect: Perfectionism puts the focus on others, instead energize yourself first.

20 Things that Will Matter a Lot Less to You in 20 Years: Ask yourself, “will this matter in 20 years?”

Everyone Should Make Time for Daydreaming: Daydreaming helps us get creative with our problems.

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Shows We're Loving

Marah can't stop watching HBO's Big Little Lies

The new Netflix reality show Ultimate Beastmaster is Colleen and Jon’s new guilty pleasure.

Can we just say that we can not wait for the first black woman cast as “The Bachelorette?!”

Books We Can’t Put Down

Naomi is reading Sharp Objects (from the same author as Gone Girl)

Marah can’t put down My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry

Diane Z. from Brooklyn, NY is reading Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

Advice We Took to Heart

Jenna B. from Buffalo, NY is celebrating the start of the week by going out to dinner with her family on Monday nights. “Not every place is open, but we act like it's a Friday (with a few less drinks.)”

Ashleigh O. from Hyattsville, MD shared this quote from George Clooney that inspires her.

Nina B. from Berkeley, CA wrote how “Every Day is Your Time to Shine” in her blog about inspiration and positivity.

Join Jenna, Diane, Nina, and Ashleigh in the Shine Squad!

Why We’re Celebrating Becky G’s Birthday

The singer and star of the upcoming Power Rangers movie (#tbt! shared the inspiration behind her new song “Todo Cambió” and how practicing self-love changed her life. Read more from Becky and watch the music video that just dropped today! Happy Birthday to Becky who just turned 20 yesterday!

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