TGIF from the Shine team!

This week we we got excited for the Beauty and the Beast movie and started following Emma Watson’s rules for living your best life, LOLed over Shine Squad member Heather’s video surprising her students in a dinosaur costume, started planning the ultimate self-care day, and felt all the feels over the real life giving tree.

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ICYMI, here’s what we shared this week to help you 🌟 shine 🌟

How to Take it Slow

Slowing down can help speed up the things that matter most. Read up on how embracing your inner tortoise will help you enjoy life.

Why You Should Get Out of Your Head

It can be hard to stop overthinking everything ALL of the time. Learn how to trust your gut to move out of stagnation and into progress.

When to Take Criticism Seriously, Not Personally

Shying away from feedback = missing out on growth opportunities. Learn how to be more open to feedback by recognizing the positive traits you value in yourself.

How to Overcome Deeply Ingrained Patterns

Beliefs about ourselves can weigh us down. Stop being run by your ingrained patterns by verbalizing a belief that creates a negative pattern and finding one way to overcome it.

Why You Should Build Gratitude Into Your Routine

Make gratitude a daily habit and soak in what went well this week. 💯

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, read what Irish politicians think of Beyoncé.

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