TGIF from the Shine team! This week at Shine we LOLed at Alex Trebek rapping an entire Jeopardy category, contemplated eating an orange in the shower, and started practicing these tips to create lasting, fulfilling relationships.

This Week's Shine Texts:

Stop Waiting for Inspiration: Nix the idea of the “perfect” time to start and make a move.

To Navigate a Challenge, Pretend You’re Giving Advice to a Friend: Try 'self-distancing' (seeing yourself in the 3rd person) to get space from your emotions.

5 Ways Flexing Your Free Will Can Change Your Life: Shine’s very own Naomi Hirabayashi reminded us that whether big or small, your choices have power.

4 Choices That Will Make Everyday Moments More Luminous: These tips will help you tap your 5 senses to soak up the 'mundane.'

From the Shine Squad this week:

Leslie T. from Lake Success, NY is reading "Organize Now" by Jennifer Ford Berry.

Diane Z. from Brooklyn, NY shared this photo to remind us to take care of ourselves this weekend.

Erin T. from Urbana-Champaign, IL is reading the benefits of gratitude you didn’t know about.

Sinclair C. from Emmitsburg, MD wrote about how he learned to stop comparing himself to others.

Join Leslie, Diane, Erin, and Sinclair in the Shine Squad!

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