February 7, 2019

Designing an app isn’t easy—every button, every word, every feature requires creativity, detail, and a whole lot of code. And designing an app that can feel like a friend and comforting when you’re feeling some kind of way (think: trying to break out of an anxious thought cycle)? That’s a whole different challenge.

At Shine, that's what we tasked ourselves with when we redesigned our app. The app features our weekday motivational Shine Text, as well as 200+ audio meditations and seven-day Shine Challenges-they'll help you grow on the go and feel a tangible change in just a week.

Now, after lots of brainstorming, designing, coding, and coffee, we’re proud to share the Shine app’s new look. In the words of Regina George: Yes, we think we’re really pretty—and we’re proud to say it.

Here’s what you’ll notice in the new version of the app—and the behind-the-scenes story from Shine HQ. And, if you haven’t yet: Update your app now! Get in on this goodness.

A New Way To Personalize Your Library


First: You’ll notice the first tab in the audio library is now called For You. This is your new home base.

You can now bookmark your favorite Shine Talks, and they’ll show up here in your personal collection. Think of it as creating your own self-care toolkit. Plus: In this tab, we’ll highlight your recent listens so you can have easy access for future listening.


Our product team and Senior UX designer Mia Lavimoniere came up with the idea after spending time with Shine members and listening to what they need.

“We learned that we all experience major freak out moments and moments when we just want to unwind or need a quick pep talk,” Mia says. “We wanted our audio library to be able to support members in those moments. Now, you’ll be able to effortlessly discover new content and easily access the content you’ve bookmarked or recently listened to.”

Easier to Find What You Need

new-nav-cropped (1)

When you’re feeling stressed out, frustrated, or a little too wired before bed, the last thing you want to do is enter Netflix-endless-scroll mode and spend 15 minutes trying to find the right Shine Talk for the moment.

That’s why Mia came up with a new sliding top navigation that lets you easily view our challenges and see our Shine Talks grouped by mood and situation. It also groups tracks by their different use cases. For example: Daily Rituals are perfect to listen to while brushing your teeth, drinking coffee, walking, etc. and our Nightcaps are stories to help you fall asleep.

“The old library was really bursting at the seams to accommodate all of the new content types we’ve launched recently,” Mia says. “The new navigation allows us to keep growing those different content types all while making sure our members can easily access the content that’s most relevant to their needs that day.”

Designs That’ll Make You Feel Good


We switched out the original Shine design (stock people, doin’ their stock people thing) for a custom, abstract aesthetic that matches the mood of the Shine Talks themselves.

We tapped Iryna Korshak, 27, an illustrator based in Warsaw, Poland, who works with the software company Netguru, to conceive and create the designs with the help of Mia and our co-founder Marah Lidey.

Iryna’s goal: create illustrations that feel like your feels.

“Simple soft shapes and psychology behind colors are the key here,” Iryna says. “They help us unconsciously associate each pattern with emotion or mood. The color decision for the 'calm' designs, for example, came from my own experience of peaceful moments, such as a mellow morning sky.”

It’s safe to say we’re obsessed with the illustrations she created—and we want to share them with you. Head here to download a fancy new phone wallpaper inspired by the Shine designs.

Bottom line: The Shine app is prettier, more personalized, and easier to use than ever before. And, in honor of our #glowup, today only we’re offering 50% off our Shine Premium subscription, which unlocks all our Shine Talks and 7-Day Shine Challenges for a full year. Head here to claim it.

Plus: If you like the new look, leave us a review in the app store. And if you have feedback, we’re all ears. “We’ll keep listening to your feedback and working to make the audio library support you in your daily self-care journey,” Mia says. Drop us a line here.