When was the last time you gave yourself permission to take a minute and pause?

It’s a practice—and one that’s hard to make time for when there’s pressure to keep things moving and hustle until we burn out.

Marah here. I’ve been blown away this Olympic season by the bravery of athletes like Simone Biles—who withdrew from the team and individual all-around finals at the world's stage to focus on her mental health.

Inspiring doesn't even do it justice. How incredible is it to see an athlete, who is the best in her field, say “Nope. This is my limit. I have to take care of myself.”

It made me wonder: What would that look like for the rest of us? For us non-Olympian, everyday people to give ourselves permission to put our mental health above everything else—even above things that feel really important?

It’s OK to take a step back. It’s OK to take a break. And it’s always OK to prioritize yourself.

It’s a theme we’re exploring this August with a series we’re calling “Reflect & Reset.” All month long we’re diving into what it looks like to take time to recalibrate and reflect—on your growth, on what you’ve learned, and on how you can prioritize your mental health as the world continues to change.

Shine meditation host Jamila Reddy will be your guide, with a new Reflect & Reset meditation dropping every Sunday in the Shine app.

In the first meditation: We’re talking about the return to the office or pre-pandemic work routines that so many of us are navigating. It’s a transition that’s been top of mind for me, as I’ve just recently returned from maternity leave (props to all the parents that have done this before me—you are so impressive!). As a first-time parent, I’ve had to be really conscious of things like boundaries and checking in on what’s working and what’s not.

Whether you’re returning to a physical office, jumping back online after a much-needed vacation (or parental leave), diving into new projects or routines, or going for the gold at the Olympics—take note from Simone: Even in—and especially in—those moments that you've been working toward, it's OK for you to say "no." It’s OK to take a step back. It’s OK to take a break. And it’s always OK to prioritize yourself.

Head to the Shine app today for a brand new meditations every week. You can find them all here in a playlist called “Reflect & Reset." As you listen, don't forget to carry self-compassion with you as you make space to reflect this month with us.