Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Shine iOS app.

A year and a half ago, we started Shine to scale the support we gave each other as coworkers and friends. We still remember that first text we sent to 50 people, asking them to share it if they liked it.

Today, our community is over 1M active users across 165 countries—with engagement rates that have blown us away.

With our community’s feedback and our attention to how much the world has changed in the past year, we realized the important and exciting opportunity we have to provide deeper ways for people to integrate self-care into their routine.

Between political drama, record-breaking natural disasters, and a heightened climate of sexual assault awareness—2017 has been a rough year, and global wellbeing is on the decline.

While there’s no magic bullet to long-term emotional health, we know that’s it’s been too pricey, too complicated, and too crunchy for too long.

We believe that taking care of yourself should be easy, affordable, and trustworthy—with self-care solutions speaking to you with the compassion and realness of a friend.

So, about that app…

Along with an enhanced version of Shine Text, Shine’s first mobile app gives you support whenever you need it with our new audio feature: Mindful Moments.

Our full library of audio tracks will help you find calm on the fly, around whatever issue you’re dealing with—whether it’s a toxic friend, dating burnout, or you’re just trying to find some chill in your day. Users can sit back and listen to our take on meditations, voiced by some of our fav wellness influencers.

You got this—and we got you

If you want to take your wellbeing to the next level, download the Shine app for free in the App Store today.

We’re so proud of everything this team and community has accomplished in such a short time. Big things ahead!