The two of us love a good fresh start.

From turning a year older to taking a midday shower (for me, Naomi, it’s a gamechanger to feeling like I can start my day over again)—the joy of getting another go at something is pretty endorphin-inducing for the both of us.

So you can imagine: Most New Years, we’re all “this is the year I’m gonna save money, and I’m gonna journal everyday, and also take that big trip I’ve been meaning to.”

And don’t get us wrong: Goals are great.

But it’s safe to say that after the year we’ve had, so many of us are entering 2021 with a newfound understanding of the phrase “take things day by day.”

Because, as 2020 taught us, there is only so much we can plan for.

So this year, we want to propose something different: What might it look like to set an intention for your 2021?

While goals are outcomes that live in the future, intentions are all about how we want to think, act, or be in the now. They’re a guide we can turn to every day to remind us of how we want to bring our values to life.

And what we’ve learned: Days of showing up with intention add up to a year of growth.

Days of showing up with intention add up to a year of growth.

Working with psychologist Anna Rowley, Ph.D., we created a framework to help you set a 2021 intention that will guide you through the year.


And we’re all setting our 2021 intentions together today. Here’s how to join us:

Step 1: Listen to today’s episode of The Daily Shine

In today’s episode, our host Mel Chanté will guide you through our intention framework, helping you find something meaningful that can anchor your days in 2021.

“The process of setting an intention is a bit like taking a series of breaths,” Rowley tells Shine. “You think: Being honest with myself, what could I benefit from?”

Mel will help you reflect on that question. Plus, you’ll hear from special guests including Alexander Hodge from HBO’s Insecure, yoga teacher and body positivity advocate Jessamyn Stanley, Olympian and mental health advocate Alexi Pappas, New York Times bestselling author Bassey Ikpi, and even from yours truly on our 2021 intentions.

Here’s a peek at the intentions they’re setting:

“My 2021 intention is: I will give myself breathing space. Breathing space is important to me because in this crazy year of 2020, it felt like there were a lot of chaotic moments when I didn’t have the space to take a breath and calm myself.” — Alexander Hodge


“In 2021, I will be more intentional about holistic approaches to my wellness. In the past, I prioritized either my physical wealth and health over my emotional and mental health. Or: I’ve prioritized my emotional and mental health over my physical health. 2020 has taught me that these things and all these parts are connected. I’m not a fragmented person, I’m not made of compartments—I am a whole person.” — Bassey Ikpi


“My 2021 intention is to be easy on myself. I’m so hard on myself, and hard on myself in a way that I would never be hard on anyone else. And in 2021, I will go easier on myself. I will intentionally show myself love.” — Jessamyn Stanley


“My 2021 intention is that I want to be as kind to myself as I am hard on myself. It matters to me because I am almost always more hard on myself in the moment and more proud of myself in hindsight. So I’m going to try to be more proud of myself in the now.” — Alexi Pappas


Step 2: Share your 2021 intention

Once you set your intention: Share it using #My2021Intention. You can save the above template and make it your own on Instagram. Or: Tweet it out.

Get inspired by the other intentions you see, and let your community support you when it comes to pursuing your intention on a daily basis.

Step 3: Check in with yourself along the way

Use your intention like a daily North Star: It’s something you aim to follow, but know you’ll often stray from.

And that’s OK—we’re human.

Check in with yourself regularly to see how your intention is going and if it’s still front of mind for you. We’ll send you reminders in the Shine app to take a moment to reflect and notice how you’re feeling.

And just like with goal-setting: Be compassionate with yourself if you feel like you stray from it. There’s always a new day tomorrow to return to your intention.

Here’s to a 2021 where you feel grounded in your intention. We’re entering the new year hopeful for what’s to come, accepting what’s uncertain, and more clear than ever on how we want to take it day-by-day.

And as always—we’re grateful to do it alongside you all.