While there's endless evidence that a daily gratitude habit can improve our wellbeing, sometimes we slip out of that routine because life…happens.

We get busy with work, school, managing our own emotional health, juggling different relationships, doing our laundry (why is there always so much laundry?!).

When we’re in the day-to-day slug of it all, pulling out a journal and blocking out a chunk of time to build up a practice of gratitude can seem like a big obstacle.

But one way to stick to your gratitude practice? It’s by finding new cues for gratitude.There are so many gratitude exercises that are a bit more fun—and built into your day—than just making lists or journaling.

One way to stick to your gratitude practice? It's by finding new cues for your gratitude.

Here are a few new ways you can reflect on the things that bring you joy and get you grounded.

A Bedtime Brush

Let’s face it: Brushing your teeth can be…pretty boring.

Take the opportunity every time you’re standing over the sink and brushing your pearly whites to say three things you’re grateful for about the day.

Research shows that when you practice gratitude before you go to sleep, it can help increase optimism and overall satisfaction with your life.

A Grocery Store Breath Break

Whether you’re in line to pay for groceries or you’re deciding what kind of apple you want, the grocery store is a perfect time for gratitude.

Try breathing in what you’re grateful for and breathing out the things that are giving you stress and anxiety—even if it’s as small as the battle between Red Delicious or Granny Smith.

A Shine Moment

Ding! That’s the sound of your Daily Shine hitting your phone every weekday morning—it’s the perfect opportunity to think about what you’re grateful for before the morning picks up.

After listening to the Daily Shine—our podcast-meets-meditation that helps you set an intention for your day—you can log what you're grateful for in the Shine app with our check-in feature.

A Commute Appreciation

Your commute is full of other people commuting, too—whether it’s by bike, train, car, or boat. Sometimes those moments are a perfect environment for taking a moment to pause and send love to someone else in your life.

Reflect on why you’re grateful for that person, and think good thoughts about them or a stranger around you!

A Gulp of Gratitude

Drinking water is essential—which means it’s the perfect opportunity to thank your body for all the incredible things it can do.

As you take a sip, try scanning from your head to your toes, finding different aspects of your existence to be grateful for. Shout-out to you!

A Chore Hack

When you’re taking out the trash, doing the dishes, or folding laundry—use that as an opportunity to thank yourself for something you’re doing for future you (yep, those very chores you’re doing count!).

A Netflix Moment

Everytime Netflix asks you if you want to continue watching a show, consider it a gratitude cue. It’s a sign to take a moment to stretch out a bit, inhale, and think of three things you’re grateful for today.

Take things up a notch by making a game of it—try to fit it in your gratitude before the first line of the next episode.

Everytime Netflix asks you if you want to continue watching a show, consider it a gratitude cue.

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