December 31, 2018

What a year, huh?

Like the years before it, 2018 has been a rollercoaster—full of fantastic, enlightening, sad, happy, and wild moments that we’ve experienced collectively and individually.

To commemorate another 365 days of growth, we asked Shine members from around the world to tell us one thing they learned in 2018 that they're carrying into 2019. We’re calling it This Year I Learned or #TYIL.

Some people learned to trust their instincts, others learned the importance of accepting what they can’t control, others discovered how to set boundaries.

We received hundreds of inspiring answers, and here are 47 of our favorites. May you head into 2019 with each tidbit of wisdom in mind.

“Even when you love what you do, there comes a point when you do too much of it that you start to resent it. You must take breaks, otherwise, you’ll burn out.”

Age 22, Australia

“There is no shame in falling off the rails in meeting your goals. Just start again. What is most important is keep moving forward. Progress, not perfection."

45, Canada

I matter, I deserve good things, and my gut instinct is important.”

36, Canada

“No matter how badly you need the money and stability, an unhealthy, stressful job will set you back in other more important areas.”

37, Canada

“Keep going.”

25, Fiji

“I am enough.”

24, Guatemala

Being lonely is not the same thing as being alone.”

17, India

“Just walk away from toxic situations.”

24, India

“Self-care is important. Take care of yourself first.”

22, Jamaica

Perfection is never the answer.”

30, Kenya

“I’m more resilient, and I know how to adjust my plans.”

32, Lebanon

“I am worth it.”

24, Morocco

“Be optimistic and never stop learning.”

19, Nigeria

“Don’t put others needs in front of my own all the time and don’t do things expecting something in return. Know when to prioritize myself.”

36, Norway

It’s OK not to be OK at times.”

19, Philippines

Choices turn to habits, habits turn to life choices, life choices determine your life.”

14, Philippines

“You deserve much better than being with toxic people, and you know that.”

18, Romania

“The beginning of change is not dictated by the beginning of a week or month or year, but by the start of your willingness to initiate and commit to it.”

25, South Africa

“Don’t base important decisions on unimportant people.”

23, Spain

“I can do a lot more—and inspire more people—than I thought, and I can make things happen.”

28, Sweden

Self-belief is an ongoing commitment.”

21, United Kingdom

We can't control everything, but we can take steps to control small parts of our lives.”

37, United Kingdom

“Grief is sneaky.”

53, Alabama, United States

“That time passes by quickly, and I can't keep putting my dreams on hold.”

31, Arkansas, United States

“Pay attention to how people treat you; if they don’t respect your boundaries, then they aren’t real friends.”

21, California, United States

“My needs and wants are important enough to say no to the requests and demands of others.”

40, California, United States

Enjoy the journey. Put attention and focus on what I can do now.

30, Florida, United States

Slow down and don’t over program myself.”

49, Georgia, United States

I am worth more than I allow myself to be treated.”

50, Georgia, United States

“It’s only going to stress me out more if I worry about things! This seems pessimistic but seriously, once I stopped caring so much about every little detail and started looking at the big picture, life became so much easier.”

17, Illinois, United States

“Sometimes you have to stop watering dead plants in your life.”

42, Illinois, United States

“My vote matters!”

57, Iowa, United States

Little consistencies matter more than big but inconsistent sweeping efforts.”

29, Maryland, United States

“Believe in myself and understand that I’m the only one in control of where I go from here.”

22, Massachusetts, United States

Gratefulness is so important. You never know when you’re going to lose a part of your physical health (hey there, chronic illness) you were taking it for granted.”

33, Minnesota, United States

“It’s better to be happy and comfortable with people you think of as home than trying to hold on to something that’s not worth it or for somewhere you don’t belong. Finding yourself throughout life has so many twists and turns. Don’t be afraid to see where it takes you.”

16, New York, United States

“It isn’t selfish to prioritize yourself.”

19, New York, United States

“Everybody is always going to have an opinion on your life and how you should live it, but trusting yourself and doing what you think is right will always be the best answer.”

27, New York, United States

“2018 has taught me that it is safe to put myself first. I can trust myself and it is OK to change my mind.”

25, North Carolina, United States

“My peace is more important than anyone else’s peace. I come first.”

28, Pennsylvania, United States

Nothing lasts forever. Maybe the one thing you thought you have in your hands is the one thing that’s the easiest to slip through your hands.”

32, Puerto Rico, United States

“Don't let others control your fate. You control your place in the world.”

29, South Dakota, United States

“I’ve learned to ask for help. No task can be completed without help from someone else, even if it’s just asking someone to talk you off the ledge or assisting you in the task ahead.”

26, Texas, United States

Find your voice and use it.”

47, Texas, United States

“I’m the most important person in my life story.”

30, Virginia, United States

“That burnout is real, and it's important to seek work and projects that fuel my passion instead of draining my compassion.”

23, Wisconsin, United States

“To take time for my mental health. Small steps every day help so much when I’m having a tough time.”

31, Wisconsin, United States

Responses were edited and condensed for clarity.

We want to know: What did you learn this year? Tell us using #TYIL and tagging @shinetext.

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