We all know that feeling: You want to surprise a loved one with a great gift—butttt your wallet is saying otherwise.

Have no fear, because gift giving doesn’t have to break the bank! With some help from the Shine community, we gathered the best gifts under $20 that you can give for whatever holiday or occasion you have coming up.

1. A Card Shuffler


For that person who loves to host game nights but maybe isn't so great at shuffling.

2. Taboo


…and for that other person who is all about game nights but just tired of card games. We all know (and love) that person!

3. Little Book of House Plants by Emma Sibley

little book of houseplants

For the person in your life who has a green thumb but might not really know where to start (or the one—yourself included—that might have a hard time keeping plant children alive).

4. A French Press


The perfect amount of brew for that person who loves to snuggle up and start their mornings with a cup of coffee.

5. A Cute Adult Lunch Box


It's never to late for a lunchbox, and these resuable bags are perfect for the person who loves to cook as much as they love to make those leftovers last.

6. Travel Guide (Make your own!)

Whether it's a PowerPoint or a PDF, making a travel guide is a perfect way to channel your experinece into a useful gift for someone you love who is visiting a place you know. Don't be afraid to get creative!

7. Sleep Masks


Nothing is greater than the gift of a solid night's sleep, and this mask will help that person in your life rest easy.

8. Book of the Month Subscription

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 1.34.27 PM

For the bookworm who is always on the hunt for a good read.

9.Mud Masks


We'll keep this one short and sweet with a real review: "My face was smooth as a baby's buttcheek, no lie."

10. Portable Essential Oil Diffuser


It's USB powered, which means you can have aromatherapy with you all the time, making this the perfect gift for that person who is always on the go.

11. Candles


This not-too-sweet scent is perfect for warming up the home and setting the vibe for a relaxing evening.

12. Burt's Bees Gift Set


Give someone you love the tools to pamper themself this season!

13. A Chic Clock


Time may be a construct, but it's also a beautiful and unique gift—especially for someone who might have just moved into a new space.

14. A 5-Year Journal


For that friend that's always planning ahead, you can give them the gift of reflection.

15. Desk Calendar


For that person who can never remember the date (or just someone who loves to spice up their desk with cute items).

16. A Chrissy Teigen cookbook


Chrissy Teigen's recipies are delicious (have you seen her Instagram!?) and the gift of her cookbook is perfect for that person who wants to dive into the kitchen but doesn't know where to start.

17. Welada's Skin Food


It's a cult favorite cream, and the travel friendly size is perfect if you've got dry hands or just want a bit of highlighter to brighten up your face. Plus: It smells amazing.

18. Succulents


For the plant lover in your life that might not have a green thumb but wants to try anyways.

19. A Go Big and Go Home Keychain


One of our core values at Shine HQ: Go Big and Go Home. It means showing up, hustling on our to-dos and goals—but then giving ourselves permission to go home and rest. Use this keychain as your friendly reminder to Go Big and Go Home!

20. Moments of Mindfulness Book


The gift of minduflness is one that keeps on giving, and this is the perfect present for a fellow Shine lover that you know who wants a physical reminder of how to get grounded.

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