Have you ever found yourself craving downtime—only to get it and feel like you can’t relax?

I’ve been there (a lot). When it happens to me, it’s like my body is ready to unwind but my mind has other plans. I can almost hear it whispering “you could be working on something else right now” or “keep going, you don’t really need to take a break.”

But as much as we may want to use every minute for the next task or pack our weekends full of activities, downtime is a necessity.

Research shows it’s a powerful tool that essentially “reboots our minds”—it replenishes our motivation and attention while increasing our creativity, according to Scientific American. It gives us more energy and more bandwidth for productivity.

Downtime gives our minds a chance to reboot.

Still, the shift from go mode to rest mode can feel rough. But what if you could power down with the help of a few calming words?

Studies show that repeating a word or phrase can stop our mental wheels from spinning. Mantras can “quiet the system responsible for your mind wandering, thinking about your past, or planning your future,” according to Psychology Today.

We gathered some of our favorite mantras from Shine meditations to help you settle into relaxation mode and make the most of your break.

Repeat one of these phrases and let their words remind you that you deserve to relax and recharge. Plus: Click the headphones to listen to a calming meditation in the Shine app built around the mantra.

1. I have the power to hit refresh. W3Schools

2. I deserve to create and savor moments of lightness in my day. W3Schools

3. I have the power to protect and renew my energy. W3Schools

4. I give myself permission to rest. W3Schools

5. I choose to power down my brain with things that make me feel good. W3Schools

6. By taking breaks, I'm actually being more productive. W3Schools

7. The most valuable time I have is the moment I’m in right now. W3Schools

8. I deserve moments of joy, and I’ll take time to relax and refresh. W3Schools

9. I have the power to find clarity in my own stillness. W3Schools

10. My body feels completely weightless, my mind is at peace, and my body is free of tension. W3Schools

11. I give myself space to slow down and enjoy the moment. W3Schools

12. I have the power to pause, reflect and restore. W3Schools

13. I release all tensions in my mind and body. I'm relaxed and my mind is at ease. W3Schools

14. I find calm within myself. W3Schools

15. Today I’ll make time for me-time because it gives me life. W3Schools

16. I deserve to unwind and recharge. W3Schools

17. I am deserving of happiness, excitement, and enjoying my life. W3Schools