At Shine, we love seeing all of the amazing things you all are doing every day to achieve your goals and live your best life. We created the Shine Squad to connect you to other Shine users to get advice, network, and lean on a group of the coolest, kindest people who will be there for whatever you need.

To join the squad, simply refer 5 people to Shine using your unique referral link.

Need help referring friends? We got you. Try some of these tips from members of the squad to help get your Shine on.

1. Share directly from the referral page. We’ve made it easy to share your link with pre-populated messages for Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and email once you type in your phone number on the referral page.

2. Tag friends on Facebook. Share your favorite article from Shine on Facebook and tag your friends in the comments who would enjoy Shine asking them to sign up using your referral link.

3. Get Your Group Chat In On It. Are you part of a group chat with your bffs? Share your referral link with your besties.

4. Share in Slack. Get your co-workers in on the daily Shine goodness by posting your link in a Slack channel.

5. Include in your bio. Spread the Shine love by including your referral link in your Instagram and Twitter bio.

6. Lean In On Your LinkedIn Contacts. Let your professional connections know that they can get advice to help them thrive at work by sharing your link on your LinkedIn page.

7. Send Mom an email. (I’m sure she’d love to hear from you!) Send an email to family members (your mom and grandma can use a little morning motivation too!) and ask them to sign up using your referral link.

8. Post in a Facebook Group. Share your link in a Facebook group with others who have similar interest.

9. In college? Include your link as a free, preventative mental health resource in an email listserv to students.

10. Pro tip: include your link in your email signature.

11. Write a blog post. Share a topic from your favorite Shine text with readers and include your referral link for readers to learn more.

12. Create a Pinterest pin using this image and encourage your followers to sign up for free, daily positive affirmations and inspiring quotes from Shine using your referral link.

13. Text your college roommate about how today’s text reminds you of that one time…, tell her that you miss her and why she would love Shine.

14. Share Shine IRL. Meeting up with a friend for brunch? Tell them about a message that spoke to you this week and show them how to sign up for Shine right then and there!

Need more advice? Send Colleen an email at if you need more ideas!

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